Cut Energy Costs At Tradeshows

 Why would it matter? There are several benefits.

  • Save money.
  • Be a good corporate citizen and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Look better at trade shows.

So, how can you Cut Energy Costs at Trade Shows? Follow these tips.

  • Switch to LED Lights:
A Quick Guide for Cutting Tradeshow Energy Costs

They’re brighter which makes your graphics & space pop even more, use less energy and last a lot longer (5 to 10 years in many cases). Are you looking for a new LED light solution? If so, contact me. Lighting technology is always changing and improving to be brighter than ever before with greater impact and covering more surface area. Now, for island exhibits, we can use fewer fixtures, which means less visual clutter from cords and transformers as well as reduced I&D time. Up to 10 fixtures can be daisy chained so you can also reduce the number of cords that must be connected to power. Then generate a lot less heat, so they’re usually cool to the touch. No need to worry about lighting regulations as LED lights are generally approved for all show halls.Walk To The Show: Yes, you’ll probably need to fly to the city where you’re exhibiting. However, by staying at a hotel that is nearby the convention center, you’ll cut taxi & transportation cost, which helps to eliminate pollution.

  • Lower Freight By Using Custom-Modular Exhibits: They pack in fewer and smaller crates, thus reducing size & weight, which  of course, leads to lower freight costs when shipping to trade shows. And, for and added bonus, you’ll also lower your drayage / material handling costs at the show and possibly lower wait times in the marshalling yard that lead to those pesky re-bills after the show. Do you want to eliminate shipping re-bills? If so, contact me to find out how.
  • Use Less: Print fewer brochures or eliminate printed materials entirely by sending digital collateral. Bring fewer or no promotional items to further lower costs and waste. Most brochures and handouts are thrown away in the hotel room anyway. Informal studies show that hotel maids are the largest collectors of trade show coffee cups  Get your prospect’s contact information and send them a package with their prize after the show — it will be much more memorable and effective.
  • Rent Exhibits, Carpet & A/V Equipment: Exhibit & Asset rental leads to less waste because these items are used much more often than traditional exhibits — reduce, reuse, recycle. When you rent an exhibit, you don’t own it, therefore, you won’t need to pay storage costs.

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